The bankate personal loan at 2.90% fixed APR over 48 months

There are only a few days left to take advantage of a fixed APR rate of 2.90% at Bankate , to be reimbursed over 48 months. Valid from $ 8,000 borrowed, this offer places the specialist well ahead of all other credit organizations on the selected criteria. Details of the offer and how to apply.

Bankate personal loan at 2.90% fixed APR over 48 months: it’s the rate or never

Bankate personal loan at 2.90% fixed APR over 48 months: it

Allowing you to finance any project (car, work, need for money, etc.) without having to justify yourself, the Bankate personal loan is a real all-purpose credit. A clear and competitive offer, particularly during the promotional period.

Conditions of the Bankate promotion

  • Type of credit: personal loan for all projects
  • Amount: $ 8,000 to $ 15,000
  • Rate: 2.90% fixed APR
  • Duration: 48 months only
  • Validity: 10/29/2019 included
  • Withdrawal period: 14 days

How to apply for Bankate credit?

How to apply for Bankate credit?

The safest way to obtain a positive opinion under the conditions of the promotion is to use our comparator. Integrating an immediate response system, our tool makes it possible to obtain an immediate response at the best rate. However, the best rate currently under the conditions mentioned below is always the Bankate rate.

Procedures :

  1. Go to our credit form by entering your personal loan, 48 months and an amount between $ 8,000 and $ 15,000.
  2. Start an application form in four simple steps.
  3. Bankate is the best credit organization on these criteria and thus provides an immediate response in principle. It is followed by confirmation by email within 24 hours in the event of a positive opinion.
  4. Credit is refused by Bankate (acceptability <5%)? It is then possible to seek the immediate opinion of the organizations classified in 2nd and 3rd position.

Our form actually allows to obtain  immediate response from each of the top body s without having to enter multiple forms on different websites. It therefore offers an alternative in the event of credit refused by Bankate but accepted elsewhere. The criteria for accepting a personal loan sometimes vary a lot from one specialist to another.

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