Astro Finance: understand everything about the loan organization between individuals


Astro Finance: how does it work?

Astro Finance: how does it work?

The operation of Astro Finance is on the one hand to collect money from “investor” customers and on the other hand to lend money to “borrower” customers, as n no matter which credit institution.

Finally, Astro Finance acts as an intermediary between people who are looking for new attractive investments and clients in need of financing.

In reality, the investor cannot choose to which customer he gives credit, it is prohibited in France, banks and credit organizations have a “monopoly” on the granting of credit, in order that this activity is good regulated and supervised.

An innovative credit organization

Astro Finance has set up funds in which investors invest their money for 12 months, 24 months, etc. Profitable investments over time, at more attractive rates than savings. A smart way to raise funds while limiting risks.


Astro Finance vis-à-vis other credit organizations

Astro Finance vis-à-vis other credit organizations

Astro Finance: types of credit offered

The organization offers different types of credits:

  • The Astro Finance personal loan
  • New or used car loan
  • Home improvement and home improvement loan
  • Credit repurchase

The organization has also put in place a whole bunch of detailed projects, such as marriage, birth, moving or even travel credit. Regarding the APR credit rates, the organization is in the market average .

The group does not, however, offer any revolving credit solution. A type of loan offered by all the best online credit agencies .

Immediate response and 100% online credit

Among the advantages of Astro Finance, we note the possibility of obtaining 100% credit online . It is no longer possible to receive a paper contract. The sending of supporting documents is made following his request. The credit contract is signed electronically.

This system allows Astro Finance to study the request as quickly as possible, to provide a final response within 48 hours to 72 hours on average. Few organizations offer such a quick and easy system. This is one of the main advantages of Younited.

Does Younited accept a lot of files?

Still on the credit side, Astro Finance being still a young financial organization, its acceptance criteria are a little more demanding than certain other market players .

It should be understood that a credit company only earns money after several years of existence. Younited must therefore be careful.

Tip: how do I know if my project will be accepted?

Our credit comparator not only allows us to obtain the classification of the best rates, but also to obtain an answer in principle in real time from the largest consumer credit organizations .

A quick and easy way to get a positive opinion at the best APR rate, without committing yourself.

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